Classes & scheduling are still closed. We received some emails looking to book online but there are no open dates. We are sorry to inform, we are not open quite yet. That being said we are stoked that the website is seemingly more convenient to navigate around! If you have any suggestions or comments on ease of website use and scheduling navigation, let us know!

We are still looking for a new location but are closing in to one soon! Once we have the new studio setup bookings will commence. We will be sending out emails to all customers who had cancelled lessons due to Covid, once booking is open and do our best to accomodate you all, first.

Re-opening classes will require new guidelines to provide a safe and fun lesson in accordance with CDC and state protocols. Masks will be required. This means our regular lessons will not involve any blowing into glass. Participants will have a modified lesson of simple hands on glass sculpting. Still getting to feel, manipulate and morph the glass in your very own hands then take home your creation.

Groupon classes will also be modified to have less participants to maintain safe distancing practices. Please be patient with our calendar as it will book out fast to accommodate previously scheduled classes that had to cancel due to Covid.

As we narrow our search for a studio we are overfilled with gratitude for how awesome and understanding you all have been through all this. We cannot wait to start creating with you all again.

Thank you!


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