Coronavirus (COVID-19) : March 12th 2020

With the pandemic scares, we understand that these are scary times. Instead of ignoring these problems I've seen masses of amazing small businesses, artists and communities making moves to support, uplift and care for the community around them. Gaining knowledge, insight and hope when things feel lost. We are in this Hooman, world culture thing we call life together. And no matter the separation we can feel sometimes, in the end we have the ability to stick together, building a better future based out of the parameters of fear and in a space of love and insight.

In these times we want anyone involved or signed up for services or classes with our studio to know that we will not charge a rescheduling fee. If you or anyone you love is feeling under the weather please allow yourself time to heal and our doors will be open when you return.

As small business owners we strive to provide the safest environment we can, as more knowledge is gained we can have a better understanding of the parameters of how to proceed but with such lacking information all we can do is follow CDC protocols and keep a safe and clean environment for our community. Please remember to wash your hands frequently & stay safe.

DGA Bings

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