Covid-19/ Reopening Update

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Good day creatives, adventurous folks & curious seekers,

It is with a heavy heart we make the announcement that we will be closed to classes

for the Summer. Considering the safety of everyone, especially the safety of our customers

we realize opening would pose risk, as we would not be able to abide by many of the CDC

and local protocols due to the physical involvement during Glass Blowing. Masks cannot be

worn during the process of blowing glass and gloves unfortunately would limit dexterity

when using our hands to move the glass. As well, it is challenging for the instructor to

maintain a 6 feet safe distance with such a hand-on activity that can be challenging without

hands-on help from the instructor. Unfortunately these protocols can make glass blowing

challenging and undoable as opposed to fun & challenging, because of this we feel it is the

safest option to remain closed. As much as we want to open, gather, and get creative with

you all, we realize the responsible choice is to remain closed to classes during this time.

Looking over the CDC & local protocols as well as discussing options with the team,

the best way for us to keep a safe environment is to remain closed to classes during a time

that could possibly spike the pandemic. We apologize and really wish we could be creating

with you in the studio, so badly!

Moving Forward if you have already purchased a class...

Via our website:

Class vouchers NEVER expire. As we look to the fall(cooler weather... plus side!) we

cannot wait and hope to see you then! Purchasing a private class from our website means

the second our doors reopen, you can call or email and schedule your class!(:

Purchased via Groupon:

Class vouchers NEVER expire. We know Groupon says it does but we promise, it does not

expire. Once our doors reopen our regular Groupon calendar for classes will be released.

The groupon calendar is a first come, first serve basis and scheduled two weeks in advance

only, for studio chosen dates. Every 1st and 15th of the month, we release the available

class dates for the next 2 weeks of the month. If you don't find a desired time or day more

dates are always released on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Dang... do we miss playing in the fire with you all! As Head Instructor at Denver

Glass Academy, I held out a lot of hope and optimism that we would open sooner and as

much as opening, getting creative and playing in the fire with you all sounds like so much

fun, your safety, your family's safety, and the communities safety is the #1 priority right

now. We understand you may have questions or concerns, please email for the fastest response. We hope you are well, safe and

keeping creative <3

We cannot wait to get creative with you again,

Denver Glass Academy

Codey Bingham

1556 S Broadway Denver CO.

~Do you have your own glass blowing equipment? Email to discuss a

Custom Online Private Class via Zoom.~

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